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Nri investment advisory

NRI Investment Advisory

NRI Investment Advisory Services in Delhi, India

Non-resident Indians who intend to make Investments in India

We help Non Resident Indians and others to buy Residential and commercial property in India for own use or for rental purposes or for investment purposes to sell at a later date for profit. Once we know your requirement, we shall work on this and will provide various options to choose from with our recommendations. Once you decide, we shall buy/sell property for you with all legal compliances.

'Ajay Sawhney  and Associates' manages the bank account for those who are non-residents in India and somehow managed to make an investment here. We manage their financial affairs very skillfully. We are the no. 1 financial service provider in India and running our office in New Delhi. We provide NRI investment services and their capital gain services which are as follows:

  • We facilitate lease of a property.
  • We plan their financial transactions to minimize tax liability in India to avoid the further problems.
  • We file Income Tax return for them.

Non-resident Indians who inherit assets in India

An NRI inherits assets in the form of investments, property etc in India and intends to either liquidate them and recover them or manage the investments in a most tax efficient manner. We enable him or her to achieve these objectives by facilitating the clearance approval from the Income Tax Department, RBI and other regulatory authorities who govern these procedures. We have now outpaced the other firms by delivering the classy NRI taxation services that benefit our clients in a subtle way.

Policy for the Returning NRI

The NRI who returns to India for handling his or her business should know various aspects of Foreign Exchange Regulations Acts 1999, also known as FEMA, in order to rearrange his financial affairs in India and also outside of India for the sake of his business.

When someone relocates to India, the following aspects should be taken care of :

  • Monitor, record and periodically report on his investments.
  • Opening the business with respect to the 'Resident foreign currency' (RFC) account.
  • Information should be given to all the companies, funds, etc., of whom shares and securities are held by the non-resident, regarding any change in the residential status or if he is relocating to India
  • Compliance in respect to the Indian Income-tax Act, 1961 e.g. application for PAN etc.
  • Banking and Remittances related issues.