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How can we help

A:-NRI Taxation Services

We can help Non Resident Indians in various ways in respect of their taxation concern’s and investment in India specifically apart from other services.

We understand that a non-resident Indian is sitting abroad but still he/ she has lots of concerns for India like income tax for income generated in India, purchase and sale of property in India, opening of office in India, investment in India , Remittances of funds etc.

Since it is not very easy and possible for them to visit India very often for all these purposes, we help them acting on their behalf and provide all required services in a professional manner. We act as authorized representative for Non Resident Indians

We understand their requirements, discuss with them in detail on phone, mail, skype etc and perform the required activity on their behalf in a safe and professional manner which saves their time and cost.

We are available for any kind of legal services for Non Resident Indians. NRI ,s need not visit India for all the purposes stated above and we shall perform all activities on their behalf so that they can save their precious time and cost on one hand and to get top class professional services on the other.

B:-Turnaround Of Loss Making Companies

       We study the overall process and various systems of company in question and analyse in all respects as follows . 

  • Ascertain the issues that are causing losses.
  • Brainstorm with shopfloor employees, front line sales team , middle management team to really understand the issues plaguing your company. They will often have the solutions to many serious problems as they are the face of your company and the ones who interact with customers directly.
  • Conduct reviews with product and production managers. Low morale levels are indicators of low productivity.
  • Check with your sales team of the hurdles they face on field or within the organisation on challenges that they face.
  • Analize all Financials--Cash flow, Income statements, Balance sheets, Audit Report for previous 5 years.
  • After all these activities, We provide various options to the Management for turnaround the company

C:- Debt Recovery, Insolvency And Bankruptcy Proceedings

These days huge amount of working capital of companies and individuals are locked in outstanding from customers /Builders /Associates etc. We help recovery of old debt outstanding through legal channels.We study the whole case in all respects, analysis it than start working for recovery proceedings. We interact with the Debtor and discuss the whole case and tries to recover the outstanding amount for creditors. If for some reasons, still debtor is not ready to pay the old dues, than we take NCLT Route for bankruptcy and insolvency and recover the amount from debtors.